Currency Rate
  • EUR                Sell       35.7882   Buy    35.9671
  • US Dollar                Sell       29.1283   Buy    29.2739
  • Saudi Riyal                Sell       7.7667   Buy    7.8055
  • Sterling Pound                Sell       41.3181   Buy    41.584
  • Riyal Qatar                Sell       7.9728   Buy    8.0716
  • U.A.E Dirham                Sell       7.9298   Buy    7.9694
  • Bahrain Dinar                Sell       77.262   Buy    77.6866
  • Japanese Yen                Sell       0.2418   Buy    0.244
  • Omani Riyal                Sell       75.6246   Buy    76.0551
  • Kuwait Dinar                Sell       95.0788   Buy    95.5543
For the purposes for which the Bank was established is, the dissemination anddevelopment of banking in all its forms on the Islamic pattern, and to encourage andstrengthen awareness of the banking and investment based on the guideline principles of Islam...Details
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CurrencySell Rate Buy Rate
US Dollar29.273929.1283
Saudi Riyal7.80557.7667
Sterling Pound41.58441.3181
Riyal Qatar8.07167.9728
U.A.E Dirham7.96947.9298
Bahrain Dinar77.686677.262
Japanese Yen0.2440.2418
Omani Riyal76.055175.6246
Kuwait Dinar95.554395.0788
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