Recharging of mobile                                                                                                      

Topping-up Mobile Phone Credit

Mobile Phone Top up – Pre-paid

 The possibility of topping-up your mobile phone credit of (Zain, Sudani, MTN) via ATMs and sales points by using ATM card, by deducting the topped-up amount from the card holder’s account.

 Service Advantages:

 Automatic, easy, fast and comfortable.

 The ability of topping up any mobile phone via ATM card.

 The availability of numerous points.

Steps for Mobile Phone Topping-up Via ATM:

 Insert your ATM card

 Select language, then insert your PIN Code

 Select other services from the main menu

 Select telecommunication company

 Select an operator (Zain, Sudani, MTN)

 Select top-up

 Insert phone number and amount (then confirm)

 An sms confirming top-up shall be received

For help, please, contact 0183-749573


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