Electricity purchase                                                                                                     

Purchasing electricity via ATM and sales points which is the easiest and fastest way of purchasing electricity, 24 Hrs a day, for only 1 SDG fee.

Service Advantages:

 Purchasing electricity via ATMs and sales points

 24 Hrs electricity purchase availability

 Avoidance of crowded electricity offices during working hours.

 The possibility of electricity purchase for any possible amount

 The possibility of purchasing electricity for any other meter via ATM card.

For making an interaction through the ATM:

 Insert your ATM card

 Select language, then enter your PIN Code

 Select other services from the main menu

 Companies and firms

 Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company

 Insert meter number and confirm

 Select the amount for purchasing electricity  

 Reconfirm meter number and amount

 Take a receipt containing the electricity number (composed of 20 figures)

For help, please contact: 0183-749573


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Currency Rate
  • Japanese Yen                Sell       0.3735   Buy    0.3769
  • Saudi Riyal                Sell       11.9997   Buy    12.0597
  • U.A.E Dirham                Sell       12.2526   Buy    12.3139
  • Riyal Qatar                Sell       12.3171   Buy    12.4698
  • US Dollar                Sell       45   Buy    45.225
  • EUR                Sell       50.5715   Buy    50.8244
  • Sterling Pound                Sell       58.7544   Buy    59.0482
  • Omani Riyal                Sell       116.8317   Buy    117.4969
  • Bahrain Dinar                Sell       119.3613   Buy    120.0173
  • Kuwait Dinar                Sell       146.8862   Buy    147.621
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