Home Bank Service                                                                                                     

Home Bank Service:

It is a simplified system that allows customers to keep on touch with the Bank through their own devices in their offices or houses as if they were integral parts of the Bank’s system.

The device gets installed by specialists in the Bank’s IT Deptartment for facilitating customers’ communication with the Bank. The system enables the customer to:

 Know his/her balance at once.

 Print or browse his/her account statement

 Print or browse the day movement

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  • Saudi Riyal                Sell       11.9997   Buy    12.0597
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  • Sterling Pound                Sell       58.7544   Buy    59.0482
  • Omani Riyal                Sell       116.8317   Buy    117.4969
  • Bahrain Dinar                Sell       119.3613   Buy    120.0173
  • Kuwait Dinar                Sell       146.8862   Buy    147.621
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